Weaving of handloom fabric was a common profession in earlier days. The advent of modern textile mills has virtually wiped this industry and put handloom fabric out of fashion. The handloom section at Pilikula Nisarga Dhama aims to preserve this technique by providing training and giving practical demonstration before visitors. 


The handloom manufacturing cum training centre is being managed with the help of one master craftsman and two assistants. This centre was established in January 2007. The training is of 6 month’s duration. So far training has been imparted to 72 persons through different agencies. Trained artisans are employed in the existing looms in and around their dwelling places and engaged in production.

The major training inputs provided are:

  • Knowledge of different types of looms
  • Types of yarns
  • Skills on ‘counts’
  • Bobbin winding / purn winding
  • Simple weaving
  • Weaving practice
  • Dying / Colouring
  • Starching