Fun 360

Aqua Zorbing Fun 360 at Lake Garden

Aqua Zorbing is a water entertainment activity wherein ones gets inside a giant 7 feet ball which is filled in air and the ball is zipped from outside before leaving the ball on water. The person can play, dance, run do anything for 15 minutes as the ball easily floats on water.
Features of Aqua Zorbing Ball

  1. Excellent abrasion resistance
  2. Outstanding low-temperature performance
  3. Very good tear strength
  4. High elasticity
  5. High transparency
  6. Can take up to 150 kg
  7. Non-toxicity
  8. Made from Thermoplast (latest eco-friendly material)

Benefits of Aqua Zorbing

  • As the ball is a sphere it’s quite difficult to balance to stand and makes to lot of body movement in the act. So it has seen that using the ball ride has helped people to lose from 2-5kgs of weight.
  • It burns carbho
  • It refreshes mind
  • It has a huge gain among children worldwide and helps them to tone their health.
  • It attracts a lot of tourist
  • Mangalore will be in first five cities to implement this concept in the country so it can attract lot of attention nationwide.
  • It brings lot of excitement and enjoyment in users life.
  • It will create employment opportunity.