Cinnamomum malabatrum (Burm f. ) Blume

Cinnamomum malabatrum (Burm f. ) Blume (LAURACEAE)
Common names
Kannada: Lavanga patre, Lavanga yele.

Description: Trees, up to 20 m tall.  Leaves elliptic to oblong-lanceolate, up to 28x8 cm, narrowed at base, acute to acuminate at apex, usually 3-nerved; petiole up to 2 cm long.  Flowers in paniculate cymes, bisexual, greenish yellow.  Perianth lobes 6, ovate, pubescent. Stamen 9 in 3 whorls; each filament with 2 stipitate glands, anthers 4-celled. Staminodes 3. Ovary enclosed in perianth tube. Berry ellipsoid, 1.5-2 cm long; fruiting pedicel stout, warted.

Flowering & Fruiting: February - May                       

Distribution: India: Common in moist deciduous to evergreen forests at low altitudes.  Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic to South W. India.      

 Uses: The bark and leaves are used as spice for flavoring food.