Chasalia ophioxyloides (Wallich) Craib 

Chasalia ophioxyloides (Wallich) Craib (RUBIACEAE)

Description: Small shrubs, up to 2 m tall; branchlets terete. Leaves opposite, elliptic-lanceolate or elliptic ovate, 4-13 x 2.0 – 6.5 cm, membranous, cuneate at base, shortly acuminate at apex, glabrous; petioles 0.5-3 cm long; stipules 4-5  mm long. Flowers in 4-5 cm long, terminal panicled corymbose cymes, pinkish white. Calyx tube ovoid, lobes 5. Corolla tube 1-1.5 cm long, lobes 5, white, often tinged with yellow. Stamens 5, inserted in the middle of the corolla tube. Ovary 2-locular; style ca 1.4 cm long, sparsely hairy. Drupes globular, 6-8 mm across, purplish-black. Seeds orbicular, whitish.

Flowering & Fruiting: Throughout the year.

Distribution: India: Common in evergreen forests of south India and hills of Vizagapatnam in E. Ghats. Sri Lanka.