Calamus thwaitesii Becc. & Hook. f.

Calamus travancoricus  Beddome ex Becc. & Hook. f. (PALMAE)
Common names
Kannada: Kiri betha.
Malayalam: Arichural.

Description: Clustering, very slender, high climbing canes; stems to 15 m or more in length. Leaves up to 45 cm long, ecirrate; petioles up to 11 cm long, spiny; rachis with claw-like spines; sheath green, spiny, spines ca 5 mm long, mouth of sheath withca 1 cm long spines; knee small; ocrea papery, 1.5 cm long; flagellum up to 1.3 m long; leaflets in groups of 3-5, narrowly oblanceolate, up to 25 x 2 cm. Male inflorescence up to 1 m long; female inflorescence up to 40 cm long. Fruits globose,ca 1 cm across; scales in 24 rows, pale yellow with dark brown margins. Endosperm ruminate.

Flowering : October– December.
Fruiting : April – July.

Distribution: India: In evergreen forests of Western Ghats.  Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic.

Uses:  Used in furniture industry and handicrafts.