Calamus prasinus Lakshmana & Renuka 

Calamus prasinus Lakshmana & Renuka (PALMAE)
Common name
 Onti betha.

Description: Solitary, high climbing canes; stems to 30 m long. Leaves up to 2.5 m long, ecirrate, petioles up to 30 cm long, armed with small prickles, underneath of petioles and underneath of rachis armed with recurved spines; petioles and rachis exude milky juice when cut; sheath pale green, densely spiny, spines up to 1 cm long; knee conspicuous; leaflets more or less equidistant, ca 50 x 2.5 cm, 3-veined, terminal pair united basally. Inflorescence long, pendulous. Fruits globose; scales in 26 rows, yellow, deeply channeled along the middle. Endosperm ruminate.

Flowering : November - December.
Fruiting : May – June.

Distribution: India: Evergreen forests of Western Ghats at about 530 m.  Karnataka. Endemic.

Uses:  A good quality cane used in cane industry.