Alangium salvifolium

Alangium salvifolium (L. f.) Wangerin subsp
Common names
Sanskrit: Ankola.
Kannada: Ankole, Guddada goni.
Tamil: Alangi.
Malayalam: Kimri.
Telugu: Ankolamu.

Description: A straggling, armed, evergreen shrub.  Leaves alternate, broadly elliptic-ovate, subcordate at base, acuminate at apex, with distinct domatia in axils of veins on lower surface.  Flowers axillary, bisexual, ca 2 cm long, white. Fruit a drupe, ovoid, up to 2 cm across, crowned with remnants of calyx, red.  Seed solitary, hard.

Flowering: April – May.
Fruiting:    June – July.
Distribution: India: Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. E. Africa.

Uses: Fruits edible. Decoction of bark used as antidote for snakebite poisoning.